Diamond Pedals - Bass Comp Jr Optical Compressor

Article number: BCP1JR
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Following in the footsteps of the original, the new Bass Comp Jr offers the same high quality optical compression and a simple but effective 'Tilt style' EQ control with selectable center frequency (900Hz or 250Hz), an extended frequency response and high headroom to suit a wide variety of passive or active 4/5/6 string basses. All in a smaller, more pedalboard friendly package that is compatible with a wider range of pedalboard power supplies.

- Selectable 250Hz or 900Hz EQ tilt point
- Optimized gain staging and use of ultra low noise transistors and opamps in the signal path for lowest possible noise and extended signal headroom
- Premium audio components, including Elna electrolytic capacitors, 2% film capacitors and 1% metal film resistors
- Bi-colour LED provides visual indication of depth of compression
- True Bypass operation

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