Diamond Pedals - ‘Nine Zero Two’ Classic Overdrive

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The Nine Zero Two is a versatile yet simple overdrive / distortion based on multiple discrete transistor gain stages placed in series. Each stage in the uses a different type of gain circuit, resulting in a complex, nonlinear amplification response – a response that approximates the rich harmonics of overdriven tube gain stages. 

They’ve also included a simple, amp-like tone stack to complete a very familiar overdrive package. Underlying this outward simplicity is a wide range of tone possibilities, with gain ranging from light dirt to smooth saturation.

Simple, traditional overdrive interface of gain, tone and volume

Top mounted jacks on a small enclosure for tight pedalboard layouts

Wide gain range multistage discrete transistor gain topology with amp-like tone stack

9V battery power, with standard 9V negative tip adapter ready

True bypass operation and LED power indicator

Made in Canada

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