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Jackson Audio - El Guapo Mateus Asato Signature Overdrive / Distortion Pedal

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Designed as a complete 'Marshall-in-a-Box' pedal, El Guapo features two independent drive circuits.
The distortion circuit perfectly recreates the detail and harmonic complexity of the legendary JCM800 amplifier.
The overdrive channel delivers the smooth overdrive and touch sensitivity of a vintage Plexi.
Each circuit allows for 4 different clipping options which drastically alter the tone and feel of the distortion and overdrive.
The distortion circuit’s clipping options include a Marshall Guv’nor-style, a Rat-style, and two Suhr Riot-style options.
Meanwhile, the overdrive circuit lets you choose between vintage Marshall, TS-style, as well as asymmetrical and symmetrical clipping options.
Both drive circuits share an active 3-band Baxandall-style EQ (but feature independent controls for gain, tone and volume).
Packed with the soulful overdriven tones and liquid high-gain tones Mateus Asato is known for, El Guapo is sure to please!

Distortion section with 4 presets.
The distortion channel of the El Guapo is a high-gain, hard-clipping circuit that is based on the classic Marshall JCM800.
The resulting tone is very open, crisp and addictively fun to play: everything from 80s hard rock to modern high gain tones can easily be found!
Preset 1 (Marshall Guv'nor): Your tone will stay open and less compressed much like a vintage Marshall.
Preset 2 (ProCo Rat): Two symmetrical silicon diodes give the classic drive and compression that the ProCo Rat is known for.
Preset 3 (Asymmetric High Gain):. A more complex and interesting tone. This sounds great when laying down aggressive rhythm parts!
Preset 4 (Symmetrical High Gain): A more focused and direct tone.

Overdrive section with 4 presets.
The drive circuit in the El Guapo is a soft clipping circuit that was designed to capture the smooth overdrive and touch responsiveness of a vintage Plexi.
Preset 1 (Vintage Marshall): Your tone will stay open and less compressed.
Preset 2 (Classic Screamer): Classic Tube Screamer drive and compression.
Preset 3 (Asymmetric Clipping): A more complex and interesting tone. Perfect for laying down aggressive rhythm parts!
Preset 4 (Symmetrical Clipping): A more focused and direct tone (notable designs that uses this style of clipping include the Timmy and the King of Tone).

Innovative Gain cycle feature.
The Gain Cycle feature takes the Gain knob setting and divides that level of gain into 4 equal parts.
Say, for instance, you have your Gain knob set at the maximum setting (100% gain).
Every time you press both footswitches simultaneously, the gain of the pedal will jump up 25% (until you get to 100%). 

3-Band Parametric EQ.
To top it off, the El Guapo features a 3-band parametric EQ.
Based on the legendary Baxandall EQ that is featured in countless studio EQs, the El Guapo's EQ takes this circuit and tailors it for guitarists. 

MIDI features.
If you’re into MIDI, El Guapo’s got you covered with full MIDI control over its multiple clipping modes and gain cycling feature!
The overdrive and distortion circuits can also be turned on / off with MIDI: making integration into any rig super easy.

Jackson Audio El Guapo Distortion features:
• Designed in collaboration with Mateus Asato.
• Overdrive section modelled after the classic Marshall Plexi.
• High-gain distortion section draws inspiration from the iconic JCM800 circuit.
• 4 presets for clipping options.
• Innovative Gain Cycle feature.
• Parametric 3 band EQ for maximum tonal flexibility.
• 4 presets available on the MOSFET boost circuit.
• MIDI control over clipping options, gain cycle options and Drive EQ options.
• True Bypass.
• Power: 9V DC.
• Current Draw: Less than 100mA.
• Dimensions: 2.7” X 4.875”.

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